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Been searching for investors for the longest time? Wanting to expand your business(es) / Hedge funds, but can't seem to raise the capital? Leave the dirty work to us, and focus on growing your assets! 

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At, we have a large number of existing investors who are constantly looking for profitable business ideas.  We also have the networking capabilities to source for fresh investors, regardless of what niche you specialise in.

Our team at have a sucessful capital raising plan that is executed systematically every day! Leverage on our experience, system and network to grow your hedge funds to a whole new level.

Darryl Mueller

Sales Director 

Asia Pacific at Interactive Data

...His general knowledge of funds and structures has earned him the right to be one of the best in the industry which incidently is one of the hardest sectors to stand out in.

"Felix is easily the best networker I have ever met, he would make a great social media case study..."

"As somebody who is privileged to work with a lot of great leaders from all over the world, I have been hugely impressed by Felix's ability to harness the enthusiasm of his staff in offering fun and creative team building programmes to clients leading to incredibly fast growth. I have no doubt he will continue to go from strength to strength."

Nigel Sillitoe

Strategic Research

CEO at Insight Discovery

"Felix is a smart and focused professional who is clear about what he expects from his service providers. He would be a valuable asset to any organisation. "

Dawn Metcalfe

Managing Director

Performance Development Services

But don't just take our word for it...

"Felix is one of the most dynamic entrepreneurs I have had the good fortune to meet. He is of the new age of youth that I am not! Confident & articulate when public speaking (as President of the Singapore Chamber of Commerce), focused & professional in business, & in general, entertaining & great company..."

Peter Greaves

Founder & CEO IES Human Resources Consultants

Financial Services Adviser to McCarthur Murray

"....It would be an understatement to state that had it not been for Felix, his ingenuity, his hard work, and his perseverance, we would not have had our license granted...."

Mohammed Ibraheem Khan

CEO & General Legal Counsel

MIK Legal Consulting

Nizar Alshubaily

Career Break - Family and Travel

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